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About Aerie

Aerie Engineering is a responsive and dynamic engineering firm bringing innovative solutions to global clients. Over the past 18 years we have built a reputation for delivering creative and value-led solutions. We provide a range of technical services:


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Vision and Values

At Aerie The Platinum Rule provides the framework for our decision making and client relationships – “Treat others the way they want to be treated”. Our vision is to adhere to these goals and values:

   Integrity – conducting business with honesty and professionalism
   Respect – treating employees, support teams, and our clients with courtesy
   Quality – supplying a high standard of effective solutions
   Innovation – improving our clients’ lives with creative ideas
   Focus – meeting our clients’ requirements in terms of cost, time, and performance
   Service – providing reliable, knowledgeable, and customized service

Aerie Document Solutions

We continue to develop innovative solutions for clients including hospitals, school districts and manufacturing facilities – specializing in providing fast access to your critical information by converting your paper files into an intelligent, searchable database accessible from anywhere. This improves asset availability, limits equipment downtime, and reduces facilities maintenance costs. We integrate with your existing work order system to make your transition from paper to a digital workspace as smooth and effortless as possible. We include floor plans, CAD files, warranties and compliance documents – anything can be housed in AerieHub.

Aerie Technical Solutions

Do you find yourself short on technical resources? Are you wrapping up a project and need supporting documentation? Are you tapped out on mechanical design and drafting staff? Have no one available to tackle a key software project? We can support you with…

  Technical Resources on Demand
  Project Management / Consulting
  Machine Design / Drafting
  Tool and Machine Development

  CAD Production and Management
  Architectural Design / Drafting
  Software Development
  Technical Documentation and Design

So if you find yourself under pressure to get more done than you can accomplish with your current technical staff or overwhelmed with the number of technical challenges facing you, Aerie Technical Solutions is here to help.

Aerie Knowledge Management

Most companies struggle with how to manage, document, and share their most valuable asset: corporate knowledge. When employees change positions, retire, or have to leave due to an unforeseen circumstance, someone has to step into their shoes. It creates a slowdown because the knowledge has been lost…

Successful people typically do not do a good job at documenting their process, technical expertise, and business strategy for one or more of these reasons:

   Perspective – It is very hard for someone to separate what they know from who they are and to decide what knowledge is important to capture. When you know something really well, it becomes part of you and you lose this perspective.

   Writing skills – Not everyone has the ability to create a well-written document and, if something is not written well, the source loses credibility.

   Time – Successful people are often rewarded with more work. Taking time to capture the details in a document is very low on their priority list.

Using proven processes, we will work with your team to identify areas at risk for knowledge loss, create a prioritization matrix and develop an implementation plan. At Aerie, our goal is to “Put Wisdom to Work” and help harness, document, and share this mission-critical knowledge. We can also work with your Human Resource team to develop an off-boarding process.

Who We Are

Building a diverse team in today’s environment is part art and part science. We are a passionate group of people with dynamic talents. Our unique backgrounds bring creative insights and thoughtful solutions that translate to our clients’ success.

Meet the team…

Lori Morton


Kris Beliakoff

Operations Manager

Becky Stanley

Web Developer

Scott Wheeler

Business Development

Nick Saravia

Technical Lead

Homer Reeves


Carla Gunter

Financial Administrator

Britney Dunnebacke

Lead Technical Specialist

Cassie Jones

Library Manager

Chris Sanders

Design Systems IT Support

Caroline Fritz


Sarah Moon

Technical Specialist

Becky Sharp

AutoCAD Specialist

Laura Christenbury

Technical Specialist

Shirley Brown

Technical Specialist

Adam Oneil

Web Developer

Jessica Saravia

Graphic Artist

Tress Shaw

AutoCAD Specialist

Richard Fuller

Web Developer


Thank you for your interest in Aerie Engineering. Please contact us and we will be sure to get back with you. Have a wonderful day!

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